How to Get Faster Results at the Gym?

Are you working out daily in the gym? Are you yet to see any considerable differences in your body structure and muscle definition? Many young men and women spend hours of time in gym and yet they do not see any difference in their physique. There are many reasons to it. First of all most people follow a schedule and workout lists from the internet. The problem is one size does not fit all. A person might need more time while others might need less it less depending upon the body type. Apart from this, many workout programs that people see on the internet is meant for advanced level bodybuilders. They concentrate more on muscle definition rather than weight or fat loss. If you happen to follow such a workout, then your muscle might get more mass or become stronger on the inside but you will not see any visible differences in the body shape or in your weight. So, you need to follow a workout routine that suits your body type, physical structure and calorific intake. The basal metabolism rate of each person differs and depending on that a personalized care should be given, during the selection of a routine.

Genetics is not all. Your lifestyle matters!

Everybody wants a ripped physique that has the perfect abs and the V shaped body but do we work for it? A lot of people in the modern world, lead a sedentary life due to their job nature. While genetics play an important part in the body shape and size of an individual, it is not completely driven by genetics alone. Our lifestyle also matter a lot in determining our body shape. If you think, you cannot have the perfect physique just as you have a “FAT” DNA, you are wrong. There are so many examples of men and women who have been obese since childhood and have fought against their genetics and achieved an enviable physique. So, stop complaining about genetics and hit the gym floor today.

Food is the most important factor in deciding your body structure

What kind of food you eat is very important in determining the body shape and structure. If you are going to eat a food high in calories, you will be consuming more calories than what you are burning. In case, if you have to remain seated for the majority of time in a day, then you will not be able to burn as much calorie as you eat. In fact modern offices are small constrained spaces that inhibit movement. So, you should take care that you do not consume foods that are very high in fat and carbohydrates. Fat gets deposited as adipose tissue in the subcutaneous layer of our body. Moreover, the fat molecules can also get deposited in the arteries of our body and it can be fatal. A lot of cardiac problems are caused by over consuming fatty food.

Carbohydrates are other ingredients of the food that has to be regulated, if not reduced. Eating carbohydrates can be reduced as much as possible. The unused carbohydrates get converted into fat molecules and are stored in our body. However, if you are unable to reduce the amount of carbohydrate that you consume, you can at least regulate the timing of your consumption. You should refrain from eating it after 8 o’ clock in the evening. This simple act can increase the quality of your life with a lot of other benefits as well. Although it also depends upon one’s body type, what sort of diet should be taken. For more information related to dieting an nutrition, visit the Wikiipedia link here;

Also check out the following video with Alpha M’s youtube channel talking about his 5 fitness secrets to achieve better results at gym.

If you do not get any results, even after practicing all these things then a personal trainer is the best option that can help you to form a routine according to help you achieve your fitness goals.