Foods to Gain Muscle for Gym Going Individuals

Bodybuilding is more than just a word for the people who love pushing themselves really hard and try to achieve the desired outcomes. And when it comes to increasing the muscle size, a lot of factors are responsible in that case. Every gym going person pushes him harder to increase his muscle mass but only fewer of them reaches the end results. What should you do to increase your muscle size? Today’s post is all about the same.

Bigger Muscles: The formula

We know what it feels like to have normal muscles, especially while doing your workouts in gym in front of the trained professionals with bigger muscles and a complete body shape. No matter what exercise you do in the Gym, You’re not going to achieve an increased muscle until you adapt to a complete nutrition plan. Depending upon your body muscle mass, you can also consider asking your trainer for better recommendations. Having 6-8 healthy and proteins rich meals everyday really helps a lot and deliver faster outcomes. Besides, you also need to ensure getting proper rest to your body. Because both complete diet and rest are the main form factors if you want to increase the muscle size. Here are the recommended muscle increasing super foods for Gym going enthusiasts.


An Egg is the most versatile food available and consists of some good proteins, essential Vitamins, Amino Acids and minerals that not just promote muscle growth, but are vital for our body as well.

Eggs are generally easy to digest and absorb by the human body and provides the much needed nutrition which is a necessity of any bodybuilder.

A normal Egg consists of an approximate of 6g rams of protein, 70 calories and 14 vital nutrients including Vitamins A, D, E , Iron, Zinc and Choline. Apart from helping your muscles grow bigger, eggs are also beneficial for eyes, bones and skin.


Quinoa is a seed of a flowering plant and is known to be a great source of proteins and amino acids that promote muscle growth. There are many ways to consume it ranging from simply eating plain to having it in the cooked form. It is also considered as a better alternative option to brown rice and contains more nutritious values than that.

Here are some precautions you need to take before consuming Quinoa

  • The Outer shell of Quinoa has a bitter and poisonous compound, make sure you remove it before consuming.
  • Quinoa is not recommended for the people suffering from celiac allergy or any other gluten allergies.
  • Not to take it in the excess quantity as there are some digestive problems associated with the excess use of Quinoa.

Chicken Breast

Having Chicken Breasts in your diet is a good option, specifically if you’re looking for something to increase your muscle size. Chicken breasts either can be taken as boiled or completely cooked form. It consists of healthy muscle growth natural supplements required to complete the needs of bodybuilders.


Not everyone knows that there are some vegetables that are as highly recommended as non vegetarian foods. Spinach is one of few vegetables which are considered very important to be included in the diet of bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders these days are depended on the artificial ways of building their massive bodies. Instead of consuming such products, you can have spinach in your diet on regular basis. This super versatile green leafy vegetable contains folic acids, minerals, plant steroids, chlorophyll and other vital nutrients that promote muscle growth.


Our list of muscle building foods would be incomplete without Fish. It is simply a perfect food for any gym going person looking for the ways to enhance muscle. With the presence of easy to digest amino acids and whey proteins, it is a complete source of nutrition especially for those who do not want to compromise in terms of complete diet after an extensive workout.

There are more super resourceful food options available. You need to make a certain diet chart involving 6-7 meals of smaller amounts in a day. Make these foods a part of your daily diet routine and you won’t look for any other better option available to increase your muscle size.

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