10 Tried and Tested ways to get skinny legs

Do you want to have skinny legs? A woman can only get skinny legs if her fat content is around 18%. Is having a chubby thigh stopping you from wearing dresses and skirts? For acquiring slim legs, you must go beyond those simple leg exercises. If you want to have skinny legs, then you have to take care of many things and work on it. Here are 10 ways to get skinny legs.

A Healthy Diet

If you want to lose weight, then diet is always the first step towards it. You have to maintain an appropriate diet if you want to get skinny legs. Firstly, determine to your caloric requirements and reduce the intake of calories in your food. Then make a low-carb nutritional plan. It will help you in getting rid of the chubby legs. You can also eat frequently as it won’t cause any harm.

Avoid doing squats and other exercises

Avoid doing squats, lunges, leg curls, deadlifts, calf raises and leg extensions and heavy weighing exercise for now. They do not slim your legs. These exercises make your thighs smaller and can make your thigh muscles bigger. Once you get the skinny legs you want, you can do these exercises.


Running uses more energy and helps in burning your thigh fats. Running decreases the size of your thigh muscles abvbvbvbvbvbvbvnd reduces the fat around the muscles. Running can completely transform your legs from chubby to slim. Try running on a flat platform as it will not use any extra energy.


You need to be focused and patience about having skinny legs. Don’t rush and overdo anything as it will harm your body and can cause pain in your legs. You cannot just get skinny legs in a week or some days. You will have to be patient as it will happen slowly.


Try doing swimming twice a week as it will help you in burning fats and can assist you in getting skinny legs. Swimming also helps you gain muscles. Start doing some laps and then day by day increase the number of laps. Swimming is a very effective way to lose the fats in your thighs.

Water! Water!

Drink plenty of water as it flushes out the toxins in your body. If you want to have skinny legs and a perfect body, then you should be drinking at least ten glasses per day. As it will not only help you in reducing some weight but will also make your skin look hydrated.

Don’t starve yourself

A lot of people make this mistake when they want to have skinny legs or lose weight. They have a misconception that if calories get stored as fat, the body doesn’t use them. When a person starts starving themselves their body starts getting less food, and it slows down the energy in your body. So stop starving yourself and have frequent meals.

Floor exercises

Start doing some floor exercises with your legs as it will get you skinny legs. Try watching some floor exercises videos on youtube or search for them. Start doing these exercises every morning or once every day. Here is a video you can watch too!

Resistance training

You assume that you have lost some fat and then you start thinking about resistance training. If you want to increase your muscle mass to definite your thighs, then you can implement resistance exercises. Take care that you keep the weights moderately light if you want to have skinny legs and no smaller thighs.

Walk daily

You can also start with the simplest exercise for skinny legs. Try to walk about 10,000 steps every day. Start going for a small walk or jog every morning. It will help you in losing fats and having skinny legs.

Ride a cycle

Cycling burns a lot of calories in an hour and it one of the best exercise for getting skinny legs in no time. It burns about 500-600 calories in an hour. It also makes your calves better and larger. Start riding a cycle every day for effective results.



Foods to Gain Muscle for Gym Going Individuals

Bodybuilding is more than just a word for the people who love pushing themselves really hard and try to achieve the desired outcomes. And when it comes to increasing the muscle size, a lot of factors are responsible in that case. Every gym going person pushes him harder to increase his muscle mass but only fewer of them reaches the end results. What should you do to increase your muscle size? Today’s post is all about the same.

Bigger Muscles: The formula

We know what it feels like to have normal muscles, especially while doing your workouts in gym in front of the trained professionals with bigger muscles and a complete body shape. No matter what exercise you do in the Gym, You’re not going to achieve an increased muscle until you adapt to a complete nutrition plan. Depending upon your body muscle mass, you can also consider asking your trainer for better recommendations. Having 6-8 healthy and proteins rich meals everyday really helps a lot and deliver faster outcomes. Besides, you also need to ensure getting proper rest to your body. Because both complete diet and rest are the main form factors if you want to increase the muscle size. Here are the recommended muscle increasing super foods for Gym going enthusiasts.


An Egg is the most versatile food available and consists of some good proteins, essential Vitamins, Amino Acids and minerals that not just promote muscle growth, but are vital for our body as well.

Eggs are generally easy to digest and absorb by the human body and provides the much needed nutrition which is a necessity of any bodybuilder.

A normal Egg consists of an approximate of 6g rams of protein, 70 calories and 14 vital nutrients including Vitamins A, D, E , Iron, Zinc and Choline. Apart from helping your muscles grow bigger, eggs are also beneficial for eyes, bones and skin.


Quinoa is a seed of a flowering plant and is known to be a great source of proteins and amino acids that promote muscle growth. There are many ways to consume it ranging from simply eating plain to having it in the cooked form. It is also considered as a better alternative option to brown rice and contains more nutritious values than that.

Here are some precautions you need to take before consuming Quinoa

  • The Outer shell of Quinoa has a bitter and poisonous compound, make sure you remove it before consuming.
  • Quinoa is not recommended for the people suffering from celiac allergy or any other gluten allergies.
  • Not to take it in the excess quantity as there are some digestive problems associated with the excess use of Quinoa.

Chicken Breast

Having Chicken Breasts in your diet is a good option, specifically if you’re looking for something to increase your muscle size. Chicken breasts either can be taken as boiled or completely cooked form. It consists of healthy muscle growth natural supplements required to complete the needs of bodybuilders.


Not everyone knows that there are some vegetables that are as highly recommended as non vegetarian foods. Spinach is one of few vegetables which are considered very important to be included in the diet of bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders these days are depended on the artificial ways of building their massive bodies. Instead of consuming such products, you can have spinach in your diet on regular basis. This super versatile green leafy vegetable contains folic acids, minerals, plant steroids, chlorophyll and other vital nutrients that promote muscle growth.


Our list of muscle building foods would be incomplete without Fish. It is simply a perfect food for any gym going person looking for the ways to enhance muscle. With the presence of easy to digest amino acids and whey proteins, it is a complete source of nutrition especially for those who do not want to compromise in terms of complete diet after an extensive workout.

There are more super resourceful food options available. You need to make a certain diet chart involving 6-7 meals of smaller amounts in a day. Make these foods a part of your daily diet routine and you won’t look for any other better option available to increase your muscle size.

There are other ways to build great muscles too, click www.mensfitness.com to know more.

How to Get Faster Results at the Gym?

Are you working out daily in the gym? Are you yet to see any considerable differences in your body structure and muscle definition? Many young men and women spend hours of time in gym and yet they do not see any difference in their physique. There are many reasons to it. First of all most people follow a schedule and workout lists from the internet. The problem is one size does not fit all. A person might need more time while others might need less it less depending upon the body type. Apart from this, many workout programs that people see on the internet is meant for advanced level bodybuilders. They concentrate more on muscle definition rather than weight or fat loss. If you happen to follow such a workout, then your muscle might get more mass or become stronger on the inside but you will not see any visible differences in the body shape or in your weight. So, you need to follow a workout routine that suits your body type, physical structure and calorific intake. The basal metabolism rate of each person differs and depending on that a personalized care should be given, during the selection of a routine.

Genetics is not all. Your lifestyle matters!

Everybody wants a ripped physique that has the perfect abs and the V shaped body but do we work for it? A lot of people in the modern world, lead a sedentary life due to their job nature. While genetics play an important part in the body shape and size of an individual, it is not completely driven by genetics alone. Our lifestyle also matter a lot in determining our body shape. If you think, you cannot have the perfect physique just as you have a “FAT” DNA, you are wrong. There are so many examples of men and women who have been obese since childhood and have fought against their genetics and achieved an enviable physique. So, stop complaining about genetics and hit the gym floor today.

Food is the most important factor in deciding your body structure

What kind of food you eat is very important in determining the body shape and structure. If you are going to eat a food high in calories, you will be consuming more calories than what you are burning. In case, if you have to remain seated for the majority of time in a day, then you will not be able to burn as much calorie as you eat. In fact modern offices are small constrained spaces that inhibit movement. So, you should take care that you do not consume foods that are very high in fat and carbohydrates. Fat gets deposited as adipose tissue in the subcutaneous layer of our body. Moreover, the fat molecules can also get deposited in the arteries of our body and it can be fatal. A lot of cardiac problems are caused by over consuming fatty food.

Carbohydrates are other ingredients of the food that has to be regulated, if not reduced. Eating carbohydrates can be reduced as much as possible. The unused carbohydrates get converted into fat molecules and are stored in our body. However, if you are unable to reduce the amount of carbohydrate that you consume, you can at least regulate the timing of your consumption. You should refrain from eating it after 8 o’ clock in the evening. This simple act can increase the quality of your life with a lot of other benefits as well. Although it also depends upon one’s body type, what sort of diet should be taken. For more information related to dieting an nutrition, visit the Wikiipedia link here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodybuilding#Nutrition

Also check out the following video with Alpha M’s youtube channel talking about his 5 fitness secrets to achieve better results at gym.

If you do not get any results, even after practicing all these things then a personal trainer is the best option that can help you to form a routine according to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Best Vegetarian Diet for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

When we talk about bodybuilding one important thing that comes to our mind is the diet, especially non-veg. Most of the bodybuilders consider opting for meats, eggs and other similar ways of getting more proteins and gaining muscles. But what if you’re a vegetarian? Are you planning to change your mind to not joining the gym? We won’t let you do that though. Did you know there are also vegetarian diet options available especially for many like you who only prefer being a vegan? Today’s post is going to give you the info on such available vegetables and foods.

Tofu and Spinach Scramble

Tofu and Spinach Scramble are a good breakfast option. Both are packed with proteins and nutrients that are essential for our body and muscle growth.
Tofu and spinach are the excellent sources of amino acids, iron, calcium, proteins, and other vital minerals such as manganese, phosphorous and selenium. Most of these nutrients are also found in meats and other non vegetarian foods. Who said vegans can’t be great bodybuilders? With such incredible vegetarian foods, it simply becomes possible.


When we hear about nuts, their crunchy-delicious taste comes to our mind and waters our mouth. But did you know that these little foods also help muscle growth? Yes they do. Nuts are loaded with proteins, fibers and essential elements which promote muscle growth and maintain various nutrition levels in our body. just take them in a little amount before leaving to the gym and you will stay energetic to perform any exercise efficiently.


Another easily available option for your perfect bodybuilding vegetarian diet is the fruits. They include plenty of minerals, fibers, carbohydrates and proteins that increase muscle mass. Having bananas, apples, cantaloupes or any other protein rich fruit as a breakfast will keep you going throughout the day after a heavy workout.

Cottage Cheese

One of the great muscle building yet tasty food is the cottage cheese. You can easily get it in your local market without compromising on your considered diet. It increases lean muscle size and also strengthens bones. Thanks to the minerals and vitamin present in it. It is also loaded with healthy bacteria that strengths our immunity and promotes better breakdown of foods to ensure the nutrients are absorbed properly. Complete food breakdown and nutrient absorption is important to build bigger and stronger muscles.

Sweet Potato

Another great muscle building veg food on our list is the Sweet potato. Having origins from Asia, the Sweet potato is a low calorie high fiber source which is enough to boost your energy levels required to have high intensity weight lifting exercises at gym. High magnesium, potassium and dietary fibers are essential when we talk about building muscles. Sweet potatoes are also preferred if you want to maintain your weight, electrolyte balance and the entire muscle health.

Brown Rice

Last but not the least on our list is the Brown Rice, which is a great source of complex carbohydrates that have a deliberate digestion rate ensuring you stay energetic for longer periods of time. The preferred time for taking brown rice is during lunch i.e between 1-2.30 pm.
These foods are the must have sources for any bodybuilder, especially for vegetarians. Diet plans also vary according to someone’s body type. You can include these great foods in your diet plan, but we would also suggest you to consider asking your fitness coach as well.

For more information, you can also visit this Wikipedia Page. The post has some great stuff about sports nutrition.