Best Vegetarian Diet for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

When we talk about bodybuilding one important thing that comes to our mind is the diet, especially non-veg. Most of the bodybuilders consider opting for meats, eggs and other similar ways of getting more proteins and gaining muscles. But what if you’re a vegetarian? Are you planning to change your mind to not joining the gym? We won’t let you do that though. Did you know there are also vegetarian diet options available especially for many like you who only prefer being a vegan? Today’s post is going to give you the info on such available vegetables and foods.

Tofu and Spinach Scramble

Tofu and Spinach Scramble are a good breakfast option. Both are packed with proteins and nutrients that are essential for our body and muscle growth.
Tofu and spinach are the excellent sources of amino acids, iron, calcium, proteins, and other vital minerals such as manganese, phosphorous and selenium. Most of these nutrients are also found in meats and other non vegetarian foods. Who said vegans can’t be great bodybuilders? With such incredible vegetarian foods, it simply becomes possible.


When we hear about nuts, their crunchy-delicious taste comes to our mind and waters our mouth. But did you know that these little foods also help muscle growth? Yes they do. Nuts are loaded with proteins, fibers and essential elements which promote muscle growth and maintain various nutrition levels in our body. just take them in a little amount before leaving to the gym and you will stay energetic to perform any exercise efficiently.


Another easily available option for your perfect bodybuilding vegetarian diet is the fruits. They include plenty of minerals, fibers, carbohydrates and proteins that increase muscle mass. Having bananas, apples, cantaloupes or any other protein rich fruit as a breakfast will keep you going throughout the day after a heavy workout.

Cottage Cheese

One of the great muscle building yet tasty food is the cottage cheese. You can easily get it in your local market without compromising on your considered diet. It increases lean muscle size and also strengthens bones. Thanks to the minerals and vitamin present in it. It is also loaded with healthy bacteria that strengths our immunity and promotes better breakdown of foods to ensure the nutrients are absorbed properly. Complete food breakdown and nutrient absorption is important to build bigger and stronger muscles.

Sweet Potato

Another great muscle building veg food on our list is the Sweet potato. Having origins from Asia, the Sweet potato is a low calorie high fiber source which is enough to boost your energy levels required to have high intensity weight lifting exercises at gym. High magnesium, potassium and dietary fibers are essential when we talk about building muscles. Sweet potatoes are also preferred if you want to maintain your weight, electrolyte balance and the entire muscle health.

Brown Rice

Last but not the least on our list is the Brown Rice, which is a great source of complex carbohydrates that have a deliberate digestion rate ensuring you stay energetic for longer periods of time. The preferred time for taking brown rice is during lunch i.e between 1-2.30 pm.
These foods are the must have sources for any bodybuilder, especially for vegetarians. Diet plans also vary according to someone’s body type. You can include these great foods in your diet plan, but we would also suggest you to consider asking your fitness coach as well.

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